Changelog - Updates

Find here the latest updates, new released packs and improvements on Get illustrations project.

This section have moved to our update log on the product page:

Now you can track more efficiently what we update and release the moment the illustration is published

March, 2020 - Project release

April, 2020 - New Packs

May, 2020 - New Packs

June, 2020 - New Packs

July, 2020 - New Packs + updates

August, 2020 - New Packs

September, 2020 - New Packs + Updates

October, 2020 - New Packs

November, 2020 - New Packs + fixes

  • Keyword tagging for all illustrations in prep fpr search options

  • Implementing new features and optimizing svg files

December, 2020

A very big update with tons of features for the website and user area.

We understand that we haven't published any new packs for 3 weeks, this is because we are working on tagging and adding keywords to all illustrations to enable a search and single illustration download function with the new release. Just to make you happy check below the packs that will be included in the release to make up for these 3 weeks over 3 months worth of illustrations will be added to make up for this time! ;) Get ready for this update, this will change everything!

January, 2021* Big Update

New website release with a lot of features:

  • Search for illustrations

  • Topics list with filters to find exactly the illustration you need

  • Update log (keep track of the latest illustrations released

  • Free user account (Download watermarked illustrations)

  • User area - Download separate packages based on the file format

  • Single illustration download in PNG 1x, 2x or SVG (no need to download full pack)

  • Grouping illustrations by style

New illustrations release this month

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