License FAQ

Here we are answering the most common questions we receive by our users, however if you do not find an answer to your question just connect with us on live chat or e-mail us via the contact form or directly through this e-mail we will answer within 48 hours max.

How can i receive new illustrations?

Every time we release a new illustrations pack we will be sending a newsletter to the registered e-mail in the purchase notifying you that a new pack is ready to download. Please make sure to mark our e-mail as safe in google and to keep track of new e-mails sent to you to keep updated on the latest releases. We estimate 3 illustration packs per month.. so a lot is coming your way. Receiving free updates last for 1 year from purchase date, once the year ends you will be notified by mail to renew your account at 50% off to continue receiving the updates.

The renewal process is absolutely optional and not automated, this is not a subscription and we will never charge you automatically.

How long can i use the illustrations

Once you purchase our illustration packs you own them forever, this is not a license per use .. it is a one time fee to download the product, own it and keep reusing it. Our aim is to create a design asset that is useful, affordable and extremely unique. This is our passion and we love what we do and understand the needs of designers.

Am i allowed to modify the illustrations?

Definitely these illustrations are yours once you purchase them and we encourage you to modify them to fit your design and share the outcome. Each illustration when modified can look entirely different and create a different vibe and this is exactly what we are aiming at. We did the hard work to create these illustrations for you so you can easily modify them and keep reusing them for multiple projects.

How long will this project continue?

Well if you do know us from then you know that we aim big! Our plan is to have both the biggest icons and illustrations bundles in the world.. we are already there with the icons and we think within few months we can reach that with the illustrations. So expect this bundle to reach a very significant amount, our plan is to reach 10,000 illustrations by 2021 and with a team of 11 illustrators working full time on this project we are pretty confidant that we will reach even more! So stay tuned and keep an eye on your inbox. The price of the bundle is relative to the amount of illustrations included, so as we grow bigger we will change the price to a bigger amount ..

so if you are considering to buy it act right away to lock the price you see then keep receiving the free updates as the bundle grows everyday ;)

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